BrixStax™ Foliar Spray

a sugar promoting formulation

BrixStax™ foliar spray is a pre-harvest treatment that increases a crop’s total sugars. The formulation was developed using metabolic fingerprints of high sugar producing beets. The BrixStax™ formulation is a proprietary blend of chelated amino and organic acids and micronutrients. The ingredients are all naturally occurring plant compounds with GRAS status.

BrixStax™ foliar spray has been tested on sugarbeets in greenhouse trials and validated in field trials and commercial plots. Commercial beets treated with BrixStax™ foliar spray 14 days pre-harvest averaged 7% – 18% more total sugar per acre than untreated beets (p<0.05).  

BrixStax™ foliar spray has increased sugar content of corn, alfalfa, and triticale and could be used on crops such as sugarcane and sweet sorghum.

Brix values for 120-day-old field grown sugarbeets of various root sizes. Beets treated with BrixStax™ foliar spray 10 days pre-harvest (red symbols) had higher °Brix than untreated beets (black symbols).